Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Things Thursday

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1. Anyone else super impressed by ALDI's new marketing? I'm loving the recipe booklets they're giving away in stores. The photography, layout and recipes are really innovative. And I love ALDI already, so this is just icing on the Baker's Corner cake.

2. I proclaimed on my Facebook page that I would be returning to the pool today. Even though I forgot a towel. And I already went to CrossFit this morning. I left work, drove to the gym, parked a block away, changed quickly and headed out to the pool deck. I was then informed that water aerobics was starting soon and the pool would be unavailable. That's right, they close the entire pool to accommodate the one person who showed up for water aerobics during the busiest time for this facility. I left in a huff.
Another day, my precious
3. I do not care for my new iPhone. I got the 5C and would like my Galaxy S4 back thankyouverymuch. I don't find the iPhone apps to be as dynamic as droid apps, and I thought the camera was better on my galaxy.
Exactly how I feel about this phone


Maggie W said...

I switched from Android to iPhone last summer when I got my new job and my work gave me a brand new iPhone. It was good timing because my Android was on it's last legs, but there are some little things about the iPhone that I don't like. Like, you can't set a contact to go straight to voicemail. And ... I dunno, other stuff that's escaping me.

That's some BS about the pool. The last time I was a member at a gym with a pool, it was big enough to accomdate aerobics and still leave 3 lanes open. But it was pretty big pool.

Unknown said...

OMG. My pool does the same thing… aquafit at 6p, the busiest time of the day. Drives me crazy! They could at least keep one lane open!

Losing Lindy said...

That is crazy regarding the pool! I would complain. They should always leave one or two lanes open.

I have been thinking of going to an iphone, I HATE my HTC phone.

kathyo said...

I'm glad to see you like ALDI. It was my regular shopping go to at home in Ireland but I haven't been brave enough to go here yet. Perphaps this weekend!

kathyo said...
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