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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Win it Wednesday: Cocogo Real Fruit Hydration

Who's ready for the first giveaway of 2014? I am! The fine folks at Cocogo Real Fruit Hydration contacted me about this giveaway and I'm pretty psyched to share this first contest of the year. Of course, they offered me these babies for free, but the opinions are mine.

Cocogo is a water enhancing product made with only real ingredients. It's not just a flavor product, it's an electrolyte-balanced beverage that leverages the health benefits of coconut water by pairing it with flash-freeze dried fruit. Compared to other similar beverages, it provides similar vitamins and rehydrating qualities without ingredients you can't pronounce. And at 34 calories a packet, it's not a huge hit to your diet, either.

But how does it taste? I regularly burn through those liquid water enhancers like it's going out of style, but those don't have any healthy benefits whatsoever other than encouraging me to drink more water. I tried the grape flavor first, which was far more subtle than I expected. However, the fragrance was stronger than I anticipated. The color is also reminds me of a cocktail. I appreciate the fact that there isn't a weird aftertaste, too. There's also a lemon lime and raspberry passion fruit. I imagine this would be great to experiment once I'm cycling tons of miles again, especially if it ever gets warm in Illinois again. A girl can dream.

If you want to try Cocogo for yourself, I can give you a hand with that. Enter below, and rafflecopter will select a winner in one week. I'll announce it on this blog the following day. Good luck!

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Amanda said...

I would like to try the raspberry passion fruit flavor.

Valerie said...

Lemon lime sounds yummy since I assume it will be similar to the Gatorade lemon lime...I love sweet berry flavors too!

Zenaida Arroyo said...


Meghan said...

Lemon lime for me!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure about grape (I generally hate grape flavor) but would love to try lemon-lime or raspberry passionfruit!

keshakeke said...

I would like the grape