Kelly the Culinarian: Yelp Elite Party at Italio Orland Park

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yelp Elite Party at Italio Orland Park

What a fun event! This was totally worth the drive out to Orland Park to meet BRF (best running friend) Jenny. We waited all week to find out if we'd make the cut to this totally booked Yelp Elite party at the newly minted Italio. Because it's five minutes from Jenny's house, we were so psyched to make the cut. Who wouldn't want our witty conversation and healthy appetites, after all?
Italian stick

Anyhow, we made the trek out there in somewhat questionable weather Sunday night. Once inside, we were immediately greeted with an array of passed appetizers, including Italian sticks in three different varieties. They were a bit like rolled up quesadillas - the basil pest was my favorite. We also sample Italian sodas and the wine selection there while calamari was distributed to all the packed tables. The calamari was awesome - it included deep-fried jalapenos, which was a tasty surprise.

The best way to describe Italio is as an Italian Chipotle. You pick your base - a salad, whole wheat or regular pasta or a wrap. Then, you pick a protein (shrimp, fried chicken, grilled chicken, steak or shrimp) and add toppings, sauce, cheese or dressings.

Mmmm, salad. Everything was fresh and made to order, with lots of options for different diets. I went with a salad with shrimp and the in-house basil dressing, which rocked my socks off. I am quite sad this place isn't closer to my home.

Once we finished our entrees and learned more about the establishment, we were sent home with an entree for the next day, a cannoli chip dessert and coupons for free entrees.
The place is open to the public now and I would highly recommend stopping by. Try the basil dressing!

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The Brit With A Blog said...

They posted a groupon today too!

Maggie W said...

I've had calamari at Chinese restaurants that included jalapeno, and I think was a little bit saltier ... it was amazing.

Dj Reese said...

This place is closed. Sorry bro