Kelly the Culinarian: Our First Solo Easter

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our First Solo Easter

Happy Easter! This marks a strange milestone for my family. This is the first holiday my sisters and I have celebrate on our own. Our parents recently moved out of state and we had to forge our own traditions in their absence. We talked about a lot of different things - a drag show, a brewery tour, a Tour de Fat of local bakeries. We eventually settled on boozy brunch. I slept gloriously and started the day with coffee and walkies as a family.

Alyssa, who's now my neighbor, headed downtown with Tim and I where we met both sisters and MacKenna for brunch at Batter & Berries. It's BYOB, so we came prepared.

Mandy got us on the top of the list and we were seated right away. We split the super French toast sampler with the table, which is perhaps the most ridiculous platter ever. Caramel, strawberry, blueberry, birthday cake and pecan French toast on a single platter, all the homemade maple butter. And mimosas, because that's how we roll. Everything was delicious and we waddled back to Mandy's place for an Easter egg hunt.

Yes, I'll be 30 this year. No shame.

Mandy arranged the cutest hunt ever. There were 50 eggs hidden around her house. Some had candy, and some were empty, AKA, filled with disappointment. One egg, and only one, had $20 in it. And some espoused life messages. Those were the best.

After more mimosas, we were off.

Alyssa got the $20 egg, along with this inspirational message. Lucky.

I got lots of life messages.
Alyssa got a Haiku
We miss our parents a lot, but it was a great day for a new tradition.