Kelly the Culinarian: Short story, long run

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Short story, long run

First, a story. Yesterday was finally a lovely day in Chicago - lots of sun and temperatures that made me smile. Tim and I took our bikes out to Busse Woods and I cycled 22 miles again. I'm excited to report the Busse Woods bathroom now features doors on its bathroom stalls! Win.

Anyhow, it was so hot yesterday that we opened the windows to enjoy the breeze. It was still really hot overnight, so we set up a box fan in the windowsill. I don't really know what happened, but sometime in the middle of the night the fan fell over, crashing to the ground. It woke me up and I screamed, hence awaking Tim with a scream as well.

Guess who never awoke? The world's worst guard dog ever.

Despite our nocturnal nonsense, I slept really well last night and was ready to run. The weather looked foreboding, so all my grand plans to meet the club for an evening jaunt were dashed (pun intended). After hemming and hawing for most of the morning, I set out on my own for my longest solo run in at least six months. I decided to shoot for 15 on a nearby path - two miles to the trailhead, six miles out and then head back and hope to not get rained on. I listened to music and brought a salted caramel Gu, which I cracked open at the 10-mile mark.

Running is such a great analogy for life. Some days you just can't catch a break, and other days the stars align. I felt great today and ended at 16 feeling like I could keep going. My overall pace was 8:41 and completely devoid of bathroom breaks, cramps or self doubt.

Two weeks ago, I choked at the Circular Logic Marathon. Yesterday I ate pizza and cookies, drank beer and slept for crap, then killed it today.

Improbable, incomprehensible,  illogical. This is my life, and that is how I run.


Losing Lindy said...

yesterday our screen door blew out and almost through the bottom of our balcony railings. I caught it and was able to shut the door before the cats tried to escape. I am just happy we were home, there are many times we leave it all open..we would have come home with no screen an no cats

CabotRD said...

Hey may be the world's worst guard dog, but he's also the cutest :)

Glad it was a great run, rain or otherwise!