Kelly the Culinarian: Happy Fifth Anniversary!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Fifth Anniversary!

Today marks five years since my dad took my arm and walked me down the aisle towards my future.

I started that day as single girl.
Ending it as a wife.
And starting a whole new adventure. Together, we adopted a dog and traveled all over the place. We've seen the Golden Gate Bridge, visited the ruins of Mexico, ate everything in the Lone Star State, cruised the Caribbean, celebrated some questionable Valentine's Days, checked out the mountains of North Carolina and chased ghosts in the Big Easy.

Now, we're prepping for our biggest adventure of all: westward expansion to the crisp air and gray skies of Seattle.
Here's to more adventures!

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Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! Love your dress! :)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!

Maggie W said...

Happy anniversary!! Today is also my brother's 5th anniversary.

Losing Lindy said...

my bro and sil got married 6 yrs ago today too..happy anniversary

Unknown said...

Aww happy anniversary!!! It's the perfect time to transition into a whole new world (aka Seattle). Best of luck to both of you and cheers to many many many more years together!