Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Tizzy, Taper, Travel, Tracking

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Training Tuesday: Tizzy, Taper, Travel, Tracking

This will be my last Training Tuesday post before the Vermont City Marathon. Let that one soak in. I can't believe I'm leaving for Vermont first thing Friday morning, mostly because I have a few runs and a super busy day at work standing between me and departing for a land of cheese and running with my Cabot Fit Team members. I have many a feeling about how the next few days will shake out.

So planning ... I should get on that
Tizzy. I have so. much. crap. to get done at work in the next two days. I'm getting up early tomorrow to swim, shower and work my ass off during my uninterrupted work from home day in an effort to get my head back up over water. And don't even get me started on what I need to knock out at home to keep the house showing ready.

Taper. The taper always sucks. The lack of adrenaline release leaves me cranky, and I'm still has hungry today as I was after finishing 20 miles. I also start to panic and think every ache and pain is clearly a stress fracture, tear or the flu.

Travel. This will be the furthest I've ever traveled for a race, and my flight is bright and early on Friday. I should probably get to packing .... But it's not happening. I've decided on the shorts, shoes, fuel, hat and travel outfit I'm going to rock, along with the beer I'm bringing back. All else is up for grabs. I also will be packing compression for the flight home because of the potential for blood clots. Any other travel tips for flying to the other side of the country to run for (hopefully less than) four hours?

Tracking. If you want to see how I do on Sunday, the race has a nifty tracking app. You'll get texts when I cross different check points and hopefully hang on with the 4-hour pace group.


Unknown said...

You've got this. Enjoy the trip, you deserve it and you are SO READY!!!

Losing Lindy said...

You will be awesome!!

Unknown said...

I'm excited for you! Good luck on rocking the goal! Here are my other race travel tips:
-Pack your race day essentials (clothes, fuel, & race shoes) into your carryon. Don't need to worry about your race in the off-chance your suitcase gets lost.
-Reserve your restaurant / plan your pre-race dinner NOW... don't wing it when you get there.
-i personally wear compression on the flight out there too (just feels better, and I've had some odd feelings when flying w/o compression).
-HYDRATE on your flight. Get extra rest, and eat your priobiotics (I think you know that one!)

erin said...

Have an awesome race!

Erica A said...

Lauren beat me to the punch with her tip list! She has all of mine. The only one to add is wear your sneakers to travel. Those are the hardest thing to replace if the bag does not make it!!

Good luck and enjoy. Start slow(er) and finish strong. The last 5 miles is flat, flat, flat. So save some energy!

Have a great run!! I have a good feeling :)

Amanda said...

Ok I'm totally tracking you! Good luck! And I always think on taper "Is that the beginning of a stress fracture?" Taper does suck!! Hang in there!

CabotRD said...

So many great tips from others on here... my only tip is don't let anything about "us" -- the Cabot crew -- add stress to your packing or contemplation of the trip. We're a super laid back group, and we can't wait to enjoy the weekend with you... especially cheering you along :) Safe travels!!