Kelly the Culinarian: On Selling my Car

Monday, June 30, 2014

On Selling my Car

It's been more than a week since I said farewell to my car, the triathlon wagon. It's weird to feel sad about selling a car. It's just a thing, and a thing I wasn't that fond of to begin with. Truth me told, I hate driving. I'm bad at it, it makes me nervous and it gets me into trouble.
Arizona accident. Damn you, monsoon season!
Still. I was initially so excited to be carless. Seattle is very public transportation friendly and a huge contingent of the population commutes via bike. Plus, I'm working from home, so I have no need to trek anywhere daily. However, a car, even one I have a love-hate relationship with, is freedom. Plus, it's memories. I've had my 2003 Honda Element since college.

It's the car I took my roommates out to the bar in while I stayed home and studied for the GRE. It's the car I drove back and forth to Arizona.
Arizona bound, summer 2007
It's the car I used to move all my stuff into my first home.

It's the car that took me to my first job and all over McHenry County as a reporter. It's the accommodating car that's taken all my gear all over this green earth for races and parties and weddings and interviews.
3 Disciplines Festival of Races 70.3

Going to Gull Lake Triathlon

So here's to shedding the past, and to new beginnings. It's been real, triathlon wagon. Farewell.
Bye bye bluejay 


Maggie Wolff said...

Are you down to one shared car? Or are you a carless family? I was sad when we sold my Toyota Echo last year. I had a lot of good memories, and it was my first big purchase after starting my first post-college job. But, similarly, we did not need it. We were both commuting via L, and we had another, newer car. For about a month and a half, we were living in the city with two cars, but only one garage spot. It was a headache trying to keep track of a car that was basically useless.

Kelly Janowski said...

Tim is keeping his car and they're shipping it today. There's a carsharing program in my building and the bus system is great, so I shouldn't really need a car. It's just a security thing.

Losing Lindy said...

that car needed so much, you must be happy to be rid of will be fine without it!