Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Last night was Tim's graduation gala. It was at the same place as Wine Riot and approximately 1,482 times fancier than our wedding. In some ways it feels like just yesterday Tim was accepted into Kellogg. It's been a long road and I'm so proud of his accomplishment.

2. I had to be downtown super early yesterday for a meeting, which meant I missed all the chaos of having a moving crew pack up all our belongings and load them onto a Seattle-bound truck. Instead, I rolled home post-gala last night to the emptiest, saddest house ever. I heard an echo this morning when I set down my glass of water this morning.

3. I always find the search terms leading to my blog amusing, but this week has been a real gem. I feel like there are a lot of disappointed people who arrive at my blog based on these terms.


Maggie W said...

I assume that's the Great Hall at Union Station. My company did the cocktail reception kickoff to the company conference there in January. The space looks very impressive when you add some interesting lighting and bring in furniture and room dividers. They even had little "cabana" like setups on one side, with couches and tables and lots of lighting. I took some pics but never posted them.

Regan Jones, RDN said...

Can't believe it's already "empty house" time.... so exciting!! (and sorta sad, too, huh or no?)

Buddha temples in the south.... hmmm... somehow that's not how I see your blog :)