Kelly the Culinarian: Little Dog in the Big City

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Little Dog in the Big City

As I've eluded to before, Napoleon is not a city dog. At all. When my sister watched him while we were out of town a few times, I think he nearly drove her to the edge because he barked at every.single.person. walking by. He did not do well in Chicago, and has had a rough go of it in Seattle.
"Excuse me, did you fill out your TPS report this week?"
Granted, it didn't start well for him. Our plane was delayed, so I screwed up the timing of giving him his little sedatives. I had to dose him again halfway through the flight because he was get antsy. Which means he was still high as a kite when we arrived and was terrified of the airport.
Napoleon is so high he's actually seeing colors
Then, the apartment was a brave new world for him. An empty world. There wasn't a couch to jump up onto or squirrels to look at him. He wasn't so hot on the dog relief area, either. He didn't get the idea of peeing inside and still wanted to be walked.
"I really must insist on a fully furnished home"
But, walks in the city aren't going so well, either. I took him to an urban dog park and he was just confused. He sort of played with the other dogs, but not very well.
"Is this how dogs make friends?"
He also didn't get this whole walking on the sidewalk thing. He wandered across the entire sidewalk, stopping to sniff or jump onto people. He also won't walk over manhole covers and insists upon pooping in the middle of the sidewalk. And elevators? Napoleon has never been a fan.
"What is this motion?"
He spent the entire first week sleeping on me. Not near me, but touching me. I think he's confused and forgot that he doesn't really like me.
"You are a fine pillow, food lady."
Can't take this adorable face anywhere.


Losing Lindy said...

He will get better. As soon as your things arrive and things smell like his family, he will start to calm down.

Maggie W said...

"You are a fine pillow, food lady." Ha! That summarizes Olive's feelings towards me.