Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm in Spokane this week for a conference and am having a blast. I went for a glorious six-mile run today along the river and through Spokane Falls. It's a good thing because it's now like 482 degrees outside.

2. Salted watermelon gu. Go get this and try it and love it and thank me later. I had one on an 80-mile ride I did last weekend and proceeded to order a case. It's like a slightly salty liquid jolly rancher.

3. My stuff arrives Monday! I seriously cannot wait. I had to buy everything I wore at the convention this weekend, because my closet is so incredibly sparse you would think I've taken a vow of poverty.

You may have seen this outfit in such places
as yesterday
So fresh and so new, new


Zenaida Arroyo said...

I've heard about the Watermelon Gu. I am more curious about it now since you mention how good it is.

kathyo said...

A pity you still don't have your stuff but hooray for new clothes!

Maggie W said...

If you happened to stop by Spokane Valley Mall or North Town Mall, I thank you, as those are part of my company. And closer to your new home, if you shop at Westlake Center or Alderwood Mall, I also thank you. I only view the country in terms of malls now, haha. That's a cute dress too, btw. And that view is lovely ... I need to request a site visit to our PNW malls (we also have a couple in Portland).

Losing Lindy said...

that dress is adorable! You need to stop posting the glorious views, otherwise we might pack up and be your neighbor ;)

Ugly Duckling said...

I'm glad you like the Watermelon Gu but the reactions to it when people grabbed it at RnR Chicago were really really funny!!!