Kelly the Culinarian: Seven Ways I'm Spending Time Without Ironman Training

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Seven Ways I'm Spending Time Without Ironman Training

Have you ever heard of post-race blues? It's a strange little phenomena. When I crossed the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin, I was ecstatic. Absolutely overjoyed that I had 140 miles in me. But then, the week comes. The routine starts again. Except this routine doesn't include three-hour morning trainer rides, lunch time runs and evening pool sessions. Time is not filled with endless laundry, meal prep and eating anything I damn well please. Instead, there's routine and chores and work and repetition. No one cares about your race as much as you do, and after a few days, it feels like it never even happened.  But a busy mind is a happy mind, so here's what I'm doing with my hours these days.

1. Throwing myself into work. My job is very important to me and I'm logging big hours lately.
Work, now with an Ironman bracelet
2. Updating my house. I moved back into my townhouse and am enjoying painting and redecorating the place. Spoiler alert, it's super girly.

Anyone want to see more of my girly style?
3. Processing my divorce. Because that shit is tough. I have some work to do on me.
4. Getting strong. I stopped doing Crossfit when I moved and need to get back into lifting heavy things, squatting deep and moving fast.
5. Running and spinning for fun. I like running and am psyched to not have to go XX miles today at such and such pace. Time to enjoy chatting and going as far as I feel like or time allows.
Spin, spin, spin
6. Being social! It's funny how much opportunity opens up when you're not training twice a day.
Yelp it up

7. Spending time in my kitchen. My meals in the past few weeks have been ridiculous, ugly and random. Time to get serious about eating real food in reasonable amounts at the right times (as in, no oatmeal at 7 p.m. calling it dinner).
All this for me?


Losing Lindy said...

I would love to see more of your girly style!

I have been bad with my eating too, sometimes V eats all of the supper I make, so I eat handfuls of peanuts and call it supper.

Sending you hugs and strength as you process the divorce stuff.

kathyo said...

I like the rug in the first pic, so yes show us more! Go you for keeping busy and getting back to working out so fast, I'd be on the couch with a giant tub of icecream if I'd done an ironman.

Pete B said...

I hear you about the post race blues. Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy though. After 140 miles, your legs could probably use a few weeks of easy.

Maggie W said...

I would like to see more pics of your girly style.

Zenaida Arroyo said...

Finally catching up on reading blogs.

It looks like your townhouse will look so cute. :-)