Kelly the Culinarian: Sister Brunch and Brew Tour

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sister Brunch and Brew Tour

 It's great that both of my sisters live so close and have similar interests ... or can be easily swayed by the allure of witty banter, delicious carbs and free-flowing adult beverages. One of those things.

We all met up for brunch in anticipation of a tour at Finch Brewing. I bought a groupon for the tour, so it was $24 for four people and included four pint glasses and endless tastings. I mean, I'm sure there was an end and all, but I didn't find it.

First stop was Waffles ...again, a groupon find, which scored us an entree of our choice and two drinks for $19. Yes, please. I got huevoes ranchers verde and every one else at the table got bacon waffles with fried chicken. I was saving myself for the beer.

Sadness: We found out AFTER we arrived it was BYOB. Because I really needed to drink before I drink.
We then headed over to the brewery and parked around the corner for free. Pro tip: Get there early. You're given a colored wrist band based on the time of your tour and the tasting starts immediately. Brewery employees explain a little bit about each brew and pour generous samples upon samples. Generously.

The tour starts with talking about how beer is made, then they take you around the plant to see the process in motion. The coolest thing about this plant is how they put the beer in cans. Lots of breweries use cans, but I'm far more used to seeing homemade bottling solutions at smaller breweries. It was really cool and something I typically don't think about when I'm finding peace the bottom of a cold one.

I enjoyed learning more about their beers and was super bummed they were out of Secret Stache Stout. While I enjoyed the Fascist Pig the most, we were able to sweet talk our way into a tasting to the Hardcore Chimeria, which is the clear winner in the race to win my beer loving favor.
In all, this is a great value. The pint glass alone is worth more than the $6 I paid per person, not to mention all the tastings and entertainment.


Losing Lindy said...

looks awesome!

Pete B said...

Wow Waffles looks great. I probably would have ended up eating the waffles and the huevos rancheros then I would have to be rolled out of the brewery!

Zenaida Arroyo said...

Wow, what a deal on Groupon!

Have you heard of Ebates? You get money back from your Groupon (and other stores) purchases. Check it out!