Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. I've been a not great blogger lately. Not sorry. It's because I've been a stellar employee lately. Because this happened on Sunday:
And the Society of Women Engineers is my client. It's like watching your kid take her first steps, graduate and get married, all in the same moment. I've never been busier/prouder/happier. Because then I got quoted in the Chicago Tribune, which got picked up the AV Club and Jezebel and a million other places. Feels, I have them. All of them. Did I mention the SWE's collected more than $40k in four days? Yeah.

2. So you know what's the best thing to do in the face of the largest public relations swell ever and the biggest traffic day to your client website on record? Leave town. I'm traveling again to give social media instruction for one of my clients. I love my job, I love Texas, I love travel, but timing is everything.

3. My sister got me the sweetest present for finishing Ironman Wisconsin. I can't wait to hang up the medal holder. Guess I need to do more triathlons ... She told me she found it on Etsy and it's handmade by a guy who's also an Ironman.


Maggie W said...

Congrats on the awesome SWE converage!!!!

Losing Lindy said...


I know things haven't been easy, but boy oh boy, you are soaring!

Anonymous said...

Love that you work with SWE. I used to be a member way back when I was in school, haha