Kelly the Culinarian: A Few Christmas Reflections

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Few Christmas Reflections

I get introspective at the weirdest times, and this certainly is one of them. My whole family is within a few miles of my house in anticipation of the big day tomorrow. None of us have been all that good this year, but we have high hopes St. Nick will overlook our transgressions. Otherwise, I'm getting coal, a dictionary and pajamas.

This is my first Christmas that isn't heavily scheduled and timed and synchronized in many years. It's going to be a very low-key few days filled with cooking, unwrapping, board games, movies, dog walks and naps. I've been sick for a week solid now, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity to rest and recharge.

We live in a cult of busy. "How are you?" is just as frequently answered with "busy" as anything else. I like to occupy my mind, no doubt, but I've spent the last year in airports and transitions, bustling from one meeting and engagement to the next. My life has been a constant check list, so it's nice to not have a ton on my plate right now. My only goals for the next few days are to spend time with my family and maybe run a few miles.

So cheers to unscheduleness and the lack of busy. Merry Christmas to all!

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Losing Lindy said...

Merry Christmas to you!!