Kelly the Culinarian: Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

New life, new traditions, right? This weekend, we gathered for a new holiday tradition at my house: cookies for Santa! We've decorated sugar cookies together for years and I decided to resurrect this tradition. We just used rolls of premade dough, a bucket of cookie cutters and white frosting in a variety of colors. First, we cut out our masterpieces and baked them.

Then, while they cooked, Katie created cookies for the furriest members of our household while Mandy mixed the icing.

We got down to the business of decorating:
I have to say that the dog biscuits worked out to be the best out of the bunch.
 But I don't think Santa will be disappointed.
Not only did my house smell like cookies, but it also looks like Christmas, too.
What traditions get you in the holiday spirit?

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