Kelly the Culinarian: A Scary Morning

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Scary Morning

Oh boy, it's been a big day for a tiny yorkie. Napoleon has been not quite healthy for a week now. It started Monday - he threw up a few times for no reason. But I was dogsitting my sister's Shiba Inu, Marvel, so I thought it was just anxiety or eating too much.
Marvel, the world's mightiest napper
He stopped puking when Marvel left, but didn't seem to quite get back to black. He's been mopey and sad with his ears tucked in. He did not run to the kitchen for a piece of banana and even spit out a treat I gave him this week. I fed him pumpkin, rice and some of his regular food heated up with turkey stock. I haven't heard him bark in days, he hasn't come running for the door to go outside and wasn't interested in playing with toys or stealing socks from me. He general lacked pep.
This morning I decided to take him to the vet when I caught him sleeping in a guest bed. It was just unusual and he hadn't been eating or drinking much all week. I toted his puppy butt to the vet as soon as they opened and found out the doctor wouldn't be there for another hour, so we waited and took selfies. What else is there to do at a vet's office at 7 a.m.?
When we saw the good doctor, she told me he probably had a small case of pancreatitis brought on by eating too much crap the past week. You and me both, buddy. So he ended up getting fluids under the skin to make sure he stays hydrated, then an anti-nausea injection for good measure. The office offered Xrays and blood work, but the treatment likely would have been the same. 
After some rest, he appears to be back to his spunky, throwing shade, stealing treats self. Here's hoping this was the doggy equivalent of a food hangover and it's all said and done.


emmers712 said...

Poor Napolean! I wish him a speedy recovery. Glad you took him to the vet when you did - it sounds like you got him the medical attention at exactly the right time!

Unknown said...

Hopefully doggie hangovers go away quickly. But I'd keep the gatorade away from him. Hope he recovers quickly!

Regan Jones, RDN said...

Oh no! Sending Napolean all our get well wishes!

Losing Lindy said...

I hope he is even feeling better today

Maggie W said...

Awww, glad to hear it's probably nothing serious.