Kelly the Culinarian: Five Things Friday

Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Things Friday

1. Congratulations to Julie, my Allied Medal Display $50 gift card giveaway winner! This was a super popular giveaway, eliciting nearly 300 entries. I love my medal hanger and intend to put it to good use because tomorrow ....
I love medals

2. I'm running a marathon. I'm running my second-annual Circular Logic Marathon in West Lafayette, Ind. I am not prepared, and I don't think I can PR, but hell, I'll probably keep running this race every year just because.

3. I've had the same set of business cards reprinted by VistaPrint for the second time. The first time, the printing turned out cheap looking. The second time was awesome, except for a small oversight: I am not an Eastern Medicine Practitioner. Here's what I sent VistaPrint:

I got the new cards and on the back it says I'm an acupuncturist. I am not. I am a social media expert. I'm going to need a new set ASAP. I've never had a problem before, and now it's been more than a month since my initial order.
-Kelly (not an acupuncture guru)
I'll be getting a new set by Tuesday.

4. I got a new shipment from Cabot this week that I'm pretty pumped about. I've been mulling over firing up my square foot garden again this year, so this was just the pushed I needed. Time to get to planting this weekend.

5. Just a friendly reminder that time is almost out to enter my giveaway for a Moxie Cycling jersey. I've got three to give away to Esprit de She participants who use my code (EDS023), so make sure you comment on the post by Tuesday to let me know you registered.


Losing Lindy said...

It's too early to plant outside, you can start some seeds in small pots inside. The rule of thumb is after memorial day

Erica A said...

How did the run go??

CabotRD said...

Pushing folks into their garden... among cheesemaking, that's what we do best :)

Unknown said...

I think you should hand out those business cards anyways ha!

I have a tomato seed with a little compostable pot to grow a seedling inside so I need to try that this year!

Unknown said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What a great giveaway...I was in Savannah on Friday at the Publix Women's Half...a great race BTW and so excited as I need something to hang this year's bling on!