Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: A second 20 miler

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Training Tuesday: A second 20 miler

Post-run celebratory calzones 
Man oh man, this spring is stacking up fast. For example, the window for running big miles this training cycle is rapidly closing. My first marathon of 2015 is this month.

Let that sink in there. I can't believe that I'll be running a marathon in like 25 days. Gulp.

I'm not sure how well I've trained this cycle, but I feel as ready as I'm going to be. I've run two 20-mile training runs, and lots of mid-week speed work and tempo work. Thank you, home treadmill, for making this happen, and Netflix for keeping me from losing my mind while doing it.

My training plan calls for 23 miles this weekend, which simply isn't going to happen. I don't have the time to do it. But two 20-mile cycles during which I felt great and could have run the next day is fine by me.

So what's next? Running 16-18 Saturday morning, a few more speed work sessions and lots more binge watching of Amazon and Netflix to pass the time. And hopefully having a better showing at Circular Logic this year than last.


Regan Jones, RDN said...

You're so ready! Can't wait to see you crush it :)

Losing Lindy said...

remember to go out and have fun!