Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. Rafflecopter randomly selected the sister we don't talk about, Kate, as the winner of my Liquor Labs giveaway. You may recall Kate from such places as Venus de Miles and Zooma. We look alike. We're not related. It's just a coincidence, we've been assured.
Kate is on the left

2. My saga with VistaPrint continues. Apparently I'm now a safe place for social media practitioners: according to my business cards, I'm a haven instead of a maven. This will mark the fourth box of business cards I'm getting from Vista.

3. Yasso contacted me recently about new flavors of frozen Greek yogurt they're cooking up. I picked up the sea salt caramel last night and it was so tasty. It's hard to believe you can get all that caramel for just 100 calories, but I'll take it. Since it was like 80 degrees last night, it was a nice treat enjoyed on the patio.

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csheahan said...

My parents have assured me there's no other siblings out there...that they know about. I'll keep on them.
Thank you again! I'm so excited about the tasty cocktails in my future!