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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's in my Briefcase: Social Media Manager Go Bag

I travel for work a lot. At my height at my last job, I traveling to events and conferences once a month, visiting clients a few days a week and working from home and coffee shops a couple of other days per week. It's a lot of back and forth, and a well-stocked briefcase keeps me sane. I keep the same stuff on me all the time, so I have a bit of a mobile office on hand. These are my tried and true office items and things that make me very popular at conferences, conventions and coffee shops.

First, the bag - my dad bought me this briefcase when I graduated from Northwestern. It's perfect because it has a padded sleeve for a laptop, a small removable bag and inside and outside pockets. It also has stood the test of time. He said at the time it came from Sam's Club, so not sure where you can get a similar one these days. In it's entirety, here's what's lurking in my bag besides my laptop and wallet:

For a closer look at all the individual items, here are the personal care things I keep on board: sunglasses, a small sewing kit for buttons and hems, change for vending machines and meters, band aids for blisters, wipes, a lint brush, chapstick, a USB port, toothbrush and toothpaste, nail file, Advil and deodorant. I can't tell you how many times Advil made me a friend at a conference, or that memory stick saved my butt as a speaker.
On the business side of things, I have a highlighter, sharpies, business cards, LOTS of pens, scissors, tape, a small notepad and post it notes. The tape and scissors may seem uncommon, but I've needed them while working at booths more often than you'd think. Also, pens and sharpies, specifically, will buy you favors.
Oh, electronics. I work in social media. My phone and my ability to get online is my lifeblood. I carry a cord for my phone, a universal adapter (again, a great way to make friends at networking events), a USB splitter (for when I need to charge a few things and run off of a USB simultaneously), an external battery for my phone in case a power source doesn't exist, and headphones so I can take calls on my laptop.
The only things that aren't in this picture are my mini umbrella and snacks. When I'm traveling I'll throw those in because you never know what the day will bring, and I never want to pay $7 for a granola bar or umbrella at an airport again.

What's in your work bag that I've left out? Give me your tips and tricks!


Losing Lindy said...

I carry a small cosmetic bag containing tampons, mascara, lip balm, I also carry around a refillable water bottle. I drink a lot of water and refuse to pay for it.

Maggie W said...

I picked up a packable rain jacket off ebay a couple years ago, and it's quite handy to have in my bag. In the summer, it's lightweight so I won't overheat, and this time of year, I can throw it on over a nicer coat. And it's not hideous. (Totally from China though -

Also, if the weather's agreeable (over 40 and not rainy), I often have my bike helmet with me. (My Divvy key is permanently on my key ring.)