Kelly the Culinarian: Motivation Monday

Monday, June 8, 2015

Motivation Monday

I'm now on week seven of my training plan and have not missed a training session. I've wanted to, for sure, but I've soldiered on. I've had a few workouts not go as planned, but that was either a math mistake or weather mishap.

I have to admit, this training cycle feels hard. After the Ironman and all my turmoil, fitness was my salvation, but also my last priority. I feel slow, and in some ways, I feel like I'm starting over. Not that it's a bad thing - starting over is just a chance to reinvent yourself.

It's funny for me to remember that I used to spring out of bed every day at 5 a.m. ready to tackle the day. Now, I just try to get on my feet and hope my legs will remember what we're supposed to do. When I get really tired or discouraged, I try to remind myself I am an Ironman, I did this once, I'll do it again. I will keep running marathons until my legs won't carry me. I will ride my bike until my wheels fall off. I will swim until my shoulders ache.

Because one Ironman is not enough. It's just the beginning, in fact.


Michelle @ said...

You've got this, and will be amazing!! I agree, some mornings its just so hard to get out of bed, but it is always worth it.

Unknown said...

Love you attitude! You've got this!!!

Losing Lindy said...

You have this! You are one of the most determined ladies I know.