Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. My square foot garden is sadly gone. Someone in my neighborhood or the HOA or something removed it, unbeknownst to me, but left the dirt. My neighbor them proceeded to seal it with plastic and cover it with mulch, again, without my knowledge. He will not be getting any of my tomatoes, which are doing super awesome in spite of all that. After cutting holes into the plastic to reveal the peat moss, compost and pearlite I lovingly cultivated before the debacle, I put in two tomato plants, a pepper plant and basil from ALDI. I later added two more tomatoes from Menards. The tomatoes from ALDI are going gangbusters and I'm looking forward to a late-summer harvest of all the tomatoes I can handle. And that's a lot, no doubt.

2. My parents are in town! While they've been here, we've cooked out, seen sights and made many a Costco run. My mom recommended a fertilizer that she says is impossible to screw up. It's a shake and feed-style format that claims if used correctly, will not burn up your plants. I'll report back on its effectiveness soon.
Just some of the grilling goodness - this was for our Father's Day cookout

3. I make bad decisions, or really good ones, depending on how you look at it. From a training standpoint, signing up for a second 70.3 that's about a month away isn't a great move. From a budgeting perspective, though, getting in on a long-distance triathlon for $32 while people are unloading bibs before the transfer cut off is an excellent move. I offered $100 for a bib for the Door County Triathlon, which is the exact amount I had in my PayPal account from a freelance job. I paid the original purchaser, then paid the transfer and fees for a grand total of $32. Then I booked a campsite near the race for another $30. This will be my $32 half ironman, and my $60 Door County vacation.

Door County Triathlon from Boreal Sky on Vimeo.

Smart or stupid? You decide.


Unknown said...

You're a smart girl always ready to see some adventure!
I think that's weird about your garden tho. People just be JEALOUS!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly! Sorry to hear about the garden mishap! Who would do that? I hope you have tomatoes to spare! Looking forward to meeting you at Beach to Beacon. Good luck in ALL your up coming races!