Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Oh, the Laundry

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Training Tuesday: Oh, the Laundry

Even Napoleon is tired of this training
When you train for three sports simultaneously, usually twice a day, you wind up with a lot of laundry. I feel like there's a constant whirl of the wash machine any time I'm home just trying to keep up with all the dirty stuff. I've switched over to athletic detergent exclusively and don't much mind the sorting and hanging and folding. It's the putting away that's the problem. I end up rummaging through a laundry basket at 5 a.m. rather than put away my stuff like a normal human.

Other than that, training is going well, sort of. I've yet to skip a workout, but the running is actually much harder than I remember. I did my long run of nine miles before work Monday and had to stop. The struggle was real. I remember when I used to run 10 miles at lunch while training for the Ironman. I got soft. Also, hill sprints are really tough when you don't have hills. I went to the Arboretum to run the hills there. After looking at my Garmin, I realized what I thought was a hill was just an optical illusion. Sigh. Some is better than none, right?

What I'm really looking forward to this week, training wise, are two very special events on the horizon. On Thursday, I'm off for my third year of open water swim practice with Tri Right Coaching at Centennial Beach in Naperville. This is awesome because it's the same venue as the rapidly approaching Esprit de She and will be my first go with the wetsuit this season. Plus, it's nice to practice swimming with other people.

Next, I'm all signed up and ready to pedal in my third-consecutive Udder Century Ride. I haven't decided on a distance yet because weather is a huge factor. The first year was freezing, last year was scorching.

I have to say, as much as the early mornings and endless laundry suck, I do enjoy the double workouts and the time spent outdoors and the social engagement I get from training. When I started training this summer, coupled with other lifestyle changes I've made, I felt like I was finally starting to get back to feeling like me. It's like having the training plan to follow somehow helped me return to my resting state. The real me.

Workout by workout, I'm re-emerging.


Losing Lindy said...

you are an inspiration

Anne said...

Glad you're feeling like you again! That certainly takes time.

Dawn620 said...

Lindy is right. You are an inspiration! I began exercising again in February after an embarrassingly long hiatus. (Just so we're clear, my idea of a workout is a 4-mile walk five days a week...nothing likes your endeavors!). I feel so much more like myself. With each and every walk, I become more and more addicted. addiction that will lengthen my life, too!!

Anonymous said...

Laundry :-) It gets 10,000 times worse when you workout and HAVE KIDS. Yes, I know this is the annoying MOM comment. :-)

Amanda said...

Ooohhh Udder Century ride??? Maybe I'll think about that. I'm free on Sunday! It's quite the hike from me though.

Unknown said...

After my big slump after the Ironman (that continued for months and months) I can also start to feel the old me come around. Granted I am still slogging through 6 mile runs and I have like zero speed. BUT I am starting to actually enjoy training again!

Jackie said...

Same thing here! Started running again in April after working on knee/IT injuries all winter and I finally started feeling like myself again. It's such a relief to start getting some speed & distance back ... it might be time to look at some fall marathons ;)