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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Training Tuesday: On Skipped Sessions

I really did try to fit in all my workouts this weekend. The fails started Friday and just kept coming.

I got up on Friday as scheduled and had every intention of swimming my workout at the gym. But when I arrived, a ton of people were milling about at the entrance. I realized that no one could get in, despite the fact that the gym should have opened nearly an hour before. I waited for 10 minutes, then went home, because I knew I didn't have enough time to run the workout, even if someone showed up right away. This is the second time that week that LA Fitness totally screwed me. On Tuesday nights, apparently some local swim school takes up a full lane for kids' lessons, but no one can tell me when that's happening or for how long.

LA Fitness Fail. Big Fail.
So that was the first fail of the week. I did complete the afternoon five-mile run as planned, complete with hill sprints, via treadmill. But Saturday was a planned rest day, and then Sunday just got away from me. I had planned to run while I was out spectating at a triathlon, but it just didn't come together. I fell asleep on the couch after Sunday dinner at the witching hour of 9 p.m. So perhaps I needed those unscheduled rest days?

Regardless, I tried to get back on track yesterday morning. I swam 2,000 yards with a dead Garmin, then tried to do the 12 miles on the treadmill. I completed 5.5. Better than none, but I shall try for 12 again tomorrow morning.

What really scares me about this training cycle is the rapid bunch up of races. I usually bounce back from triathlons in a few days, but I'll be doing an 8k (4.97 miles) the day before a 70.3. Then I've got a 10K, a sprint triathlon and a 70.3 one right after the other. I'm going to need a massage for real.

Days until ...

Hemingway 8K: 18
Door County 70.3: 19
Beach to Beacon 10K with #CabotFitTeam!: 32
Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon (Use KELLY15 to save 10 percent): 40
Pigman 70.3: 47

Halp. This is shaping up to be a hell of a summer.

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Losing Lindy said...

Take a deep breath, then I want you to focus and let it out. You have this. This is all mental, you have proved yourself time and time again. You need to believe in you.