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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Training Tuesday

I do not bike in this
So I didn't quite make good on my training plans set forth last week. I'm still on track and haven't missed a workout, but I'm sad to report I did not complete the Udder Century ride last weekend. I didn't even start it.  I drove all the way out to Union really early Sunday morning only to find the weather beyond challenging. It was raining hard enough that I thought it was treacherous. There was even lightning. So instead, I drove the 45 minutes back home in ridiculous rain to sit on the trainer for 2 1/2 hours, or what it would take me to go the prescribed 40 miles.

Then my brand-new television quit seven miles in. Twice. So I begrudgingly took to the great outdoors as the rain had somewhat subsided. My lower half got completely soaked by the rain on the road, and any time a car passed me, I got misted again, but I made it the full 40 miles, only to get a flat at mile 41, about a mile from home.

I bought a new set of tools, which made the tire removal and replacement of the tube relatively easy. There was a piece of glass sticking out of my tire prominently, so there was no mystery there.

Centennial Beach is always a pleasure
Before I changed the tire, though, I went out on a two-mile transition run, which felt harder than my pace would indicate. I've gotten slow, but at least I'm moving forward. I was ecstatic about this week's long run - 10 miles, no stopping. I did mostly negative splits, too, and other than feeling thirsty, I finished the whole thing in pretty solid shape.

This is another exciting week in the world of training. Tonight I have an event in Naperville, so I'm going to hit up Centennial Beach for an open-water workout in preparation for Sunday's Esprit de She triathlon. I'm looking forward to participating again this year and growing from what I learned last year.

Another week closer to another 70.3 finish.

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