Kelly the Culinarian: Celebrating #NationalTequilaDay at Barbakoa

Friday, July 24, 2015

Celebrating #NationalTequilaDay at Barbakoa

I'm a lucky gal. The folks at Blast PR contacted me this week to see if I might be interested in attending a dinner in celebration of National Tequila Day. It was at Barbakoa, which I have passed daily for at least the last two years, and have never had the pleasure of wandering into. And it featured a multi-course meal paired with tequila cocktails.

I cleared my schedule.

We showed up and were seated on the patio, which was a glassed in area tucked away from the bar. We started the meal with very spring cocktail featuring a ginger ice ball, hibiscus flowers and Patron Silver. It was a refreshing start to the dinner, which was paired with a duck empanada and thinly sliced jicama stuffed with shrimp and tuna tartare. Oh, and a Patron key chain, which was damn classy.

The next course was my favorite dish of the night - a tamale containing squash blossoms and poblano cream. The drink was a take off of Hemingway's daiquiri and had patron silver, grapefruit and lime. It was a little tart for my palate - I tend to go for sweet.

While we waited for our entrees, we learned more about the different types of tequila and how they're made. Patron's Roca line is made by hand, crushing the roasting blue agave hearts under giant stones to extract the flavors. The silver, or clear varieties, are not distilled and bottled, whereas the darker colors are aged in spent bourbon bottles. The darker the tone, the longer it's been aged, which is quite an endeavor in Mexico because the climate means a significant portion of the tequila evaporates.

The main course was paired with an awesome drink - Patron Anejo with agua de Jaimaica. It was a sweet drink that reminded me of punch, and was topped with a slice of orange dusted with nutmeg. 

The entrees included a poblano pepper stuffed with seafood and a flat-iron steak topped with chimichurri sauce. The steak was the clear winner, as it was tender and just slightly spicy.

No meal is complete without dessert, and this one was killer. I don't tend to associate tequila with dessert drinks, so this was quite an experience. The final cocktail included Patron silver, coconut milk and house-made ginger sauce. It was so creamy and delicious, and paired perfectly with a mango-mousse stuffed chocolate Napoleon. Yeah, I eat mangoes now. NBD.

Thanks, Barbakoa and Blast, for the generous invite and tasty tequila drinks!

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