Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Nationals?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Training Tuesday: Nationals?

When I first took up triathlon, I had no idea about anything. I saw a video on YouTube and thought it looked cool, so I started with buying a road bike on Craigslist and google transitions and triathlon gear. I knew vaguely that there was an association that governed triathlons and took $12 at each tri that I registered for. I didn't know anything about the USAT National Age Group Championships and when I got an e-mail from them after the first Iron Girl event I completed saying I qualified, I didn't think it was worth noting.

As I awaited the results of Sunday's Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie, I was talking with a friend about Nationals. She said if she'd ever qualify, she would definitely register. It's $95 and would give you a ranking in the field of all sprint triathletes in America. Plus the past three years have been in Milwaukee. When I learned that my third-place Iron Girl finish qualified me, the wheel started turning. After a little research, I learned I was seven minutes behind the top female sprint triathlete. Now, my head is spinning. Could I repeat my performance again on a national scale? Do I want to train my ass off to try and cut more time? Is there even more to cut? Can I do all of this while training for Ironman Wisconsin in 2016?

The 2016 USAT Age Group Nationals will be Aug. 14 in Omaha. I'm not sure if it will work scheduling wise or if I want to commit to it, but my imagination does wander to what could be. Could I be a top age group triathlete?

In the meantime, I have one more race to tackle this year. Pigman Long Course is Sunday, and will be my last 70.3 half iron-distance tri of the season. It's my last attempt at a sub-six-hour finish. However, in addition to pushing myself to my limit Sunday at Iron Girl, I biked 85 miles on the Ironman Wisconsin course Saturday, so my legs are tired. And it's predicted to be 91 degrees and sunny in Iowa this weekend, so not exactly favorable conditions.

Here's to giving it the old college tri.


Unknown said...

I'd love to qualify some day and I'd definitely try to go. I hear it's a great experience. I do think though since I'm typically mid-pack in regular races, that it might not be worth it for me to go if I'm going to go all the way out there and finish last among all the fast people. So I think that in 2016 I might work on speed and try to really improve my bike skills. Hope to see you there someday!

Maggie W said...

Whoa! You're badass.