Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Things Thursday

I've had quite an exciting 24 hours!

1. It all started with a sightseeing pleasure cruise with the Chicago Architecture Foundation. It was a perfect afternoon and an incredible outing. Our volunteer docent spoke for a full 90 minutes and never stuttered once. She knew the architect, firm and year of every building, as well as its style and distinguishing features. It gives me a whole new appreciation for office buildings.

2. Right after that, I went over to Lakeshore Beverage's #BeerHQ for a tasting and educational session with one of the founders of Schlafly's. I'll save all the juicy info for a full post, but this was quite possibly the highlight of my beer-drinking life.

3. And then today, my work held its annual Volunteer Day. More than 60 of us headed out to help build a home for a family of five who immigrated here in 2009 from Burma. It's really cool to see your work immediately and know that you're rebuilding a blighted neighborhood for people who never thought they'd have a home. It was a very good day and an awesome work perk.

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