Kelly the Culinarian: An Evening at Earls Kitchen + Bar, Part 2

Monday, November 16, 2015

An Evening at Earls Kitchen + Bar, Part 2

After savoring our appetizers and enjoying a few delicious artisan cocktails featuring house-made syrups and clever glassware at Earls Kitchen + Bar, we were on to the main course. Which, admittedly, we were all starting to get full, but I never let that stop me from enjoying a gourmet meal. At the suggestion of Chef Luke, we agreed to split a few entrees. He said the chimichurri flank steak was his creation, and the bibimbap was a popular offering featuring a house-made sauce people couldn't get enough of.

The man was right. It was incredible. The bibimbap is served in a heated bowl with a soft-cooked egg on top. To serve, you cut up the egg, mix the ingredients and press it against the sides of the bowl to sear the rice and cook the egg. The sauce was slightly tangy, which went well with the creamy egg york. We opted for chicken, which was a wise choice coupled with the rest of our meat-tastic meal. 

In addition to the steak and bibimbap, we decided on the trip downtown we needed ribs in the most primal of ways. This set fell off the bone and boasted a homemade barbecue sauce. It was also paired with a warm potato salad and coleslaw. I'm not usually a huge coleslaw person, but this was refreshingly crunchy and so fresh I couldn't resist.

The steak was also a very interesting entree. It was rather tender and cooked atop a homemade chimichurri sauce, which I love. There were also a few roasted potatoes and tomatoes nestled into the skillet that rounded out the dish nicely.

And despite having more than enough to eat, I never say no to dessert. Ever. I have an extra stomach just for the occasion. Again, we shared, so don't think I'm a total glutton. We started with the pumpkin pie - it had the most amazing crust. I need lessons. It was topped with fresh whipped cream and a cinnamon-sugar sprinkle.

I may be basic and love pumpkin, but my heart belongs to chocolate. This sticky toffee pudding cake was just unreal. It was a warm cake topped with chocolate and toffee sauces, served aside vanilla bean ice cream ensconced in a candy snap basket.

I was so full, but I regret nothing. What I loved about #EarlsLincoln in addition to the food and drinks was the atmosphere. It would be a great place to snag an after-work drink, as well as have a first date. The layout is such that it almost feels like there are two dining areas, each with a specific ambiance. There's also outdoor dining that I can't wait to go back and enjoy, including a fire pit and insulated nearly year-round patio options. Sounds like a cozy brunch destination, indeed!

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