Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. Remember the game Mall Madness? I asked for it for Christmas two years before I got it, because it's a ridiculously complicated set up with a million pieces that was pricey even when I was 9. I played it this week and went online to try and buy some of the missing parts. Apparently in good condition, this is worth $300. I should have been nicer to my toys.

 2. I'm on my final day of Social Media Week Chicago in the Merchandise Mart, learning about perfecting my professional skills for staying social. Other than commuting downtown daily, it's been a great experience. My favorite insight: The ROI of social media is that your business will continue to exist in five years. Let that one sink in.

3. I went to Target to buy Christmas lights and was immediately reminded of why I don't go to Target. I ended up with a skirt, jeans, underwear and a cake plate, before I ever got to the lights. There was room in the budget and it keeps me from splurging on completely useless stuff, but still. Those lights made an an expensive "just running in" trip.

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Maggie W said...

"Mall Madness" or ... my 9-5, er, 7.