Kelly the Culinarian: Motivation Monday & a Discount Race

Monday, January 25, 2016

Motivation Monday & a Discount Race

One concept I think about often is "you pick your hard." Life isn't easy. You decide which path is less painful. Running is hard. Training is hard. But knowing you could do better is hard.

Being on a budget is hard. Being in debt is hard. You choose your hard.

Working your ass off is hard. Knowing you're underutilized and could be more is hard.

Any path worth walking requires work. Choose the work worth doing for the results that will make you happy.

In other news, I found out via Facebook about the Naperville Women's Half, a new race coming to the area April 24. Registration opens tomorrow at 10 a.m. and starts at $1. Along my motto of "free is for me," dollar races are definitely my jam. If I can get in for $1, or even $15, why the hell not.

Here are their tips for getting in:

  • recommends logging in or creating your account, before registration starts. This will save you time during the registration flow.
  • Once you select “Register Yourself” and the form questions load, your slot is officially reserved. You then have 15 minutes to complete the registration process or the discounted slot will be opened for another athlete and you will have to start the process over by reselecting a category.
  • Go right for a $15 or $20 dollar slot as most of the athletes will be vying for the $1, $5 or $10 slot.
  • If you receive a “You’re in the queue” pop-up after selecting a category, refresh your browser instead of waiting in the queue.
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer instead of a smart phone for best results.
  • The highest online registration rate for the Half Marathon event is $100, and for the 5K is $35.
  • Race weekend registration will cost $125 for the Half Marathon and $45 for the 5K.
Someone please tell me if they get the $1 registration.

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Unknown said...

I tried the registration, already sold out up to $55 and its 9:50 am, maybe it was 10est? oh well! worth a try!