Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. I bought a range for Thanksgiving because my oven my dying a slow death and I've also coveted a double oven for as long as I've lived in my house. I got a slightly dented model for half price (I can't find the dent now that it's installed) and have been pretty happy with it. It doesn't appear to have improved my pancake-making prowess, or lack thereof, however. I tried using a cast-iron skittle on the fifth burner, but it didn't get close enough to the flame to get hot enough. My mother bought me the griddle attachment for Christmas (thanks mom!) but I've yet to master perfectly brown and fluffy hotcakes without either a) leaving the middle raw or b) letting them overcook into oblivion. Maybe I'll just get a stack at brunch instead.

Sad pancakes are sad

2. Aldi really came through for me. When I visited the headquarters this fall, they had so many cool and cute holiday decorations that I couldn't wait to snag. This cheeseboard was $5! My dad actually ended up picking up the cheese knife set on a separate outing, and I got one of those chalkboard markers on Amazon. I'm loving how effortlessly classy it makes my Cabot Cheese collection look.

Cheese platters are classy

3. I finally, finally took down the Christmas stuff last night. Poley is happy to have his corner back, and I'm happy to pack all that stuff away for another year. Because that means spring running weather is right around the corner .... right?

"No more of this, please"


Anne said...

I think non-stick is the key to pancakes turning out right (as much as I do love cast iron for other things, like searing). Start with a hot griddle and flip when they start bubbling. It's done once it stops sticking to the pan. Not that you were asking for a pancake lesson... :)

Regan Jones, RDN said...

As an ALDI devotee too, I'm super sad I didn't see this cheese board thingy down here too! #Want!!