Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm back on the whole healthy eating bandwagon. I've lost weight before, it's just a matter of tracking and stick with it. I forgot all the nuances, like how I'm the most hungry directly after eating a meal. But my last Ironman pursuit was not the height of my fitness, so time to get back to lean muscles. To that end, I'm focusing on protein and vegetables. I was at the Corner Bakery last night and very impressed that I can enjoy a salad with bacon, chicken and avocado along with a cup of soup within my parameters. So much so that I've got a giveaway cooking up - stay tuned.

2. Since I work from home several days a week, I invested in a space heater for my home office. I figured it would be cheaper to set my Nest thermostat to "away" and heat just the space that I'm in rather than cranking the heat for the whole house all day because my toes are cold. I think Napoleon approves of this acquisition.

3. You may recall my love of Mall Madness runs deep. But check this out! By the time this version came out, I was "too old" for the game. But Goodwill's got my back. For $2, I have a fully functioning new-to-me Mall Madness with all the pieces. Plus, they had 7 Wonders for $15 - it's currently $36 on Amazon.

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