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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Training Tuesday: The Slog

Running has it's ups and downs. Because I don't want to get soft, and I'm running a marathon April 2, I run outside at least once a week. I typically reserve this for my long run for a few reasons. The pace is less crucial for the long run, and running 12 miles on a treadmill sounds like a terrible way to waste a morning.

So to the great outdoors I went. I'm back to running at the Morton Arboretum again after a hiatus because the trails near my house are dangerously icy, and I don't want to run on the street. It's an amazing eight-mile figure eight loop, but it's also hilly. Win some, lose some. As I struggled up the hills for 12 miles, I tried to keep reminding myself that the hills will make me stronger in the long run (pun intended).

In other news, I've unfrozen my gym membership and returned to swimming. I first took a crack at it when I visited a waterpark over the weekend that had a lap pool. I won't lie, it felt miserable. I swam for 20 minutes and maybe completed 1,150 yards, but they felt hard. Maybe it was because I wasn't focusing with so much going on at the park, but I forgot how much of a time warp swimming is, too. I thought for sure I'd logged at least double that amount of time. I felt clunky and uncoordinated, and forgot how critical it was to take full inhales/exhales if you're bilaterally breathing every other stroke. I got pretty frustrated at how little my body retained the muscle memory.
Track all the things!
So off to the pool I went again this morning. I haven't been to the gym in three months (at least) and froze my membership to save cash. It's funny, I saw all the same faces. I guess they don't take an off season. Today's swim felt much easier than the weekend's debacle. I don't want to bother with swim workouts just yet, but rather focus on continuously swimming for a given amount of time. I'm a big proponent of achieving distance before worrying about speed.

My goal is to go back to the pool this week with all my swimming gadgets and do some drills. I also plan to run once more this week on the treadmill and outside, as well as squeeze in a bike session.

I just started test driving the MoovNow, which has some built-in workouts that I'll be trying over the next few weeks as well.

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