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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Training Tuesday

What a glorious week of training! Sort of. I did not run for part of my vacation last week, but was more sore after walking around for a day solid than I was after the Ironman. Perhaps it was different muscles, or maybe I'm just out of practice. Either way, I can only muster the slightest bit of guilt over skipping those runs because I was still active throughout my vacation.

I got in a great outdoor swim in Florida, too, in the nicest pool I've ever had the pleasure of swimming in. It was pretty chilly in Florida when I was there, but the pool was heated and totally empty. That's my definition of bliss.

That's inspired me to get to the pool more often. Last night, I decided to swim for 40 minutes to see how far I could get. I ended up going 2250 yards, and I'm happy with that. I was tired from a 4-mile speed run that morning and giving blood earlier in the day, so I'll take it.

I continue to love doing turbo trainer cycling workouts in my basement with the aid of YouTube. I'm sure it will get monotonous, but the Internet surely has more to offer than the type of rides I'm doing.
Along the lines of training, I may have busted out a ton of push ups at a party this weekend, because I guess that's what two Ironman finishers do when they party together. It reminded me how much I need to be doing body weight strength training at home. Simple stuff makes all the difference - push ups, sit ups, planks and dips.

Onto the next workout!

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