Kelly the Culinarian: Win it Wednesday: $25 Amazon Gift Card from Dog Fence DIY

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Win it Wednesday: $25 Amazon Gift Card from Dog Fence DIY

I’ve been compensated for this post by Dog Fence DIY, but all opinions, words and crazy dog lady photos are my own.

The Cost-oma in Action
"Hello from the end table!"
Napoleon is my best friend, and a pretty chill dog. He wasn’t always that way. He really only slowed down in the last year or so. I used to have to put a sweater on him anytime people came over to induce what I called a cost-oma: a costume-created coma. Now he’s better, but there are plenty of times I wished for an electric dog fence/force field to keep him comfortably out of the way during parties.

Since I live in a very cozy townhouse, I’ve never looked into containment options for Napoleon (other than his sweet doggy house/end table) and was pretty surprised that electronic fences for the furface can run $2,000. I love him and readily spend more on his vet visits than my own Minute Clinic jaunts, but that’s a lot of money. That’s a very nice all-inclusive vacation. For a wireless dog fence.

Yeah, love has its limits.

An unease truce has been negotiated
So when I was contacted to write this little piece about a DIY electric fence  option, I was intrigued. Instead of paying the equivalent of roughly 30 full-body massages, this scenario costs more like $300 (way fewer massages). The setup reminds me of a Pinterest project or the LED under cabinet lights that completed my kitchen renovation last year. Not particularly difficult, just a matter of YouTubing and following the directions.

Even in my current set up, there are quite a few uses for an electronic dog fence that I hadn’t considered. You can actually use them indoors to cordon off your pets from company or each other. When my sister’s dog (Marvel, tree killer and destroyer of baseboards) stays over, I usually have to babygate him into a bathroom, then turn on a radio to keep him calm. With this set up, you could safely keep your dogs in another room sans gate, which I trip over roughly 482 times a day when the pets are in tow. Ever have one of those cheap, clunky ones fall over onto your feet? If so, you’ll understand the value of such an alternative.

Marvel, aka, "Bathroom dog"
It’s also safer for the pets – parties at my house include a lot of food dogs shouldn’t eat potentially getting dropped, along with strangers and things getting dropped. I try to train Napoleon to stay out of the kitchen when people are cooking, because I once dropped a can of biscuits on him when he was too curious about my cooking, but he gets really excited when there’s company.

The generous folks at Dog Fence DIY wanted to ensure as many folks saw my cute dog photos as possible (not quite but sort of), so I get to select one lucky reader to receive a $25 Amazon gift card. To win, let me know the funniest habit your pet has. Add an additional comment if you share this via social media for extra chances to win.  I’ll pick a random winner on Jan. 14.

Napoleon’s? He sleeps on a stack of pillows next to my bed, and during the day, only sleeps on my pillow. I’d like to think it’s because he loves me and seeks out my scent, but it’s probably his way of trying to abscond my position as alpha.


Unknown said...

This an interesting concept since Chewie hates people and when we put him in his crate when we have guests he just cries. And he knows how to open the doors in our house to putting him in another room with the door closed isn't an option. Maybe if we could confine him to a specific spot or a room with the door open instead that might work!

Speaking of opening doors, his funniest habit is that he taught himself how to open our front door from outside. When we come in from walks we make him sit at our apartment door, unleash him, and say "Get the door!" He jumps up and pushes down on the level handle to open the door. We didn't train him to do that, he just started doing it one day so we put it on command!

Unknown said...

The funniest habit my little chihuahua has is his obsession with his squeaky rubber chicken, that he carries around the house, deliberately pressing it to make it squeak, all day long :)
Thanks for the chance
jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

Valerie said...

Hmm, well one habit Izzy has is that whenever she gets a new toy or bone, she'll excitedly take it to her "home base" or her bed and play with it there, leave it there for safekeeping, etc. It's super cute. And I'll never forget at Christmas a couple years ago, Izzy somehow took a single ornament off the tree (in the smack dab middle of the tree, mind you), proceeded to chew it to pieces, leaving the center in tact. Which ornament? One with a picture of her in it that said "Good Dog." Ironic, right?!

Jill Y said...

I have two Labs, which provides hours of entertainment. One of my favorite things my yellow does is she every. single. morning. after my husband feeds her breakfast, she has to bring me an offering. It could be a spare socks she finds laying around (her favorite), the remote that was left on the couch, a toy of the kids . . . anything! She always wimpers when she brings it, she drops it on the side of the bed. It's adorable.

Jill Y said...
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Unknown said...

The funniest habit is crawling under the bed. She looks hilarious shimmying under there

Rosie Discovers said...

The best one was the cat and dog teaming up. The cat would knock the milk bones out of the box and the dog would chew them. The cat got the tiny pieces.

Unknown said...

My Sasha bear has a habit of chasing the feral cats in the neighborhood, which is what landed her with an ACL tear three weeks ago. Electric fence could have been helpful :)

Nicole Kesten said...

Funnist and creepiest habit is lucy forces the door open to watch me go to the bathroom. Wouldnt mind some privacy!

Unknown said...

My brother's dog likes to hide behind the couch when he is tired. Hopefully I'll have my own dog in 2 months! :)

Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

My dogs, the 2 pups, have had a habit as of late of bringing dead critters into my house. Today, they brought in a bird & starting plucking all the feathers before I noticed. Good times.

Unknown said...

Our new rescue dog (4 years) sees her reflection in the brass bed frame. She chased around the bed to catch herself!

Losing Lindy said...

My cat buries himself under blankets