Kelly the Culinarian: First Look for Charity 2016 at the Chicago Auto Show

Monday, February 15, 2016

First Look for Charity 2016 at the Chicago Auto Show

Every year, I marvel at the First Look for Charity of the Chicago Auto Show. This event is spectacular -  a less crowded, more leisurely view of the auto show enjoy in black-tie apparel over drinks and bites, all while raising more than $2.5 million for 18 local charities. This year was record-setting event, with donations topping $2.8 million. My tickets were complimentary but my opinions were all my own.

I find the people watching at this gala as enjoyable as the cars, because it's interesting what people wear to a black-tie event. Dudes are pretty straight-forward: wear a tux or you'll get turned away. Women is far less clear. I got a lot of compliments on my dress, both on Instagram at in person. It's from Ross, in case you're curious, and is now my de facto black-tie apparel.

I got my hair done this year, which I figure was my splurge since I didn't stay at the event hotel this year. Future FLFC goers, learn from my mistake. The event negotiates a really great rate at the attached Hyatt McCormick Place. If you've already invested on the tickets, go the extra mile and get the room. Thank me later.

My plan of attack was simple this year - I did the Jeep test drive last year, so opted to make a beeline towards the super car gallery. Sadly, when I showed up, they wouldn't let me in for whatever reason. I came back later and was admitted, so that was mildly annoying. Instead, I went over to the Goose Island booth before checking out the Maseratis. Those are some damn beautiful machines.

Since this is a food blog, let's talk about the food. The best thing I ate was a sushi platter from Union next to the Rand McNally booth. The sweet potato sushi was amazing with the wasabi sauce it was served on.

There were so many delicious mac and cheese combos, and this caprese salad was superb.

There were also drinks a plenty - cocktails, beer, champagne and wine were all on tap. I loved trying the signature cocktails and got inspired for future dinner parties.

I also wondered if I could tackle Ironman Wisconsin on this, which I found in the VW display. I've got strong legs, what do you think? 

You know they know how to throw a good party when there is a slipper guy. Cadillac hands out slippers for weary feet throughout the show. I wore some new shoes that I loved but they definitely need to get broken in, so these were a welcome addition to my apparel at the end of the evening.

A special thanks to the Chicago Auto Show for inviting me to this fabulous event!


Unknown said...

Love your dress!! And your hair.

Jason mentioned that it would be nice to attend the First Look for Charity event some year. Maybe once he gets a job that pays more than pennies! Or, you know, if they want to add me to the press list...

KellytheCulinarian said...

I think something like $203/$250 is tax deductible, if that helps.

Lauren said...

I was there too and had a great time. I headed to the taxi pickup area just before 11 and got in a cab within a few minutes, wasn't sure how that'd work out but thankfully wasn't a big deal.

Unknown said...

Tell me more about these drinks for dinner parties.