Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: How to Run 20 Miles on a Treadmill

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Training Tuesday: How to Run 20 Miles on a Treadmill

Sometimes I doubt my own sanity. At mile 18.3 on a treadmill, I had that moment. I mean, who the hell runs for more than three hours on a treadmill? Clearly the unsettled.

It was plenty nice enough outside, but I had a lot going on this weekend and I didn't want to wander too far in case I got a phone call. I also didn't want to risk getting sick by being outdoors for that long. So to the treadmill I went.

And it wasn't so bad.

The key to this whole scheme was an endless supply of engaging television, strategically placed fans, plenty of hydration and a deadline looming. In addition to the open window and three fans, I think changing my sweatbands and rotating between water and gatorade got the job done. I had places to be in the afternoon and Helix to finish, so away I went.

Unlike the photo above, when I ran, I covered the screen with a towel so I couldn't tell how long I'd been at the game. I knew it would take me a little over three hours, so I clicked off in my head about how many episodes that would be. I was proud of myself - in spite of the boredom, I kept my pace the same throughout. I didn't need to walk, nor did I need a bathroom break. Good job, Ironbitch.

I wondered if this even legitimately counted towards training, since it's a treadmill, but when you're training for a race that is one-mile loops, I think this is sufficient. I felt just about the same when I finished this as I would any other 20 miler: tired, sore, hungry, cranky, chafed. I had a hard time getting up the stairs to my ice bath, but that would've been the case any where.

I do feel like I bounced back pretty easily, and I'm not sure if that was because of the treadmill, the fact that this isn't my first rodeo or that my post-run recovery meal was so very fetch.

Zombie burger. It was good, but needed more protein
So there you have it, I guess I'm marathon ready. Circular logic, here I come. I certainly have the mental strength of an Ironman once again.

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Anonymous said...

HELIX!! I loved that series, I was so upset when it was over! Goood, good treadmill watching for sure.
Impressive to get 20 done that way.