Kelly the Culinarian: What I'm Missing from my Chevy Suburban Test Drive

Friday, March 4, 2016

What I'm Missing from my Chevy Suburban Test Drive

I got really spoiled last week. I was enjoying riding around in the lap of luxury with my loaner Chevy Suburban and got way too used to all the fancy features. Now that it had to go back to the car fairy from whence it came and I'm rocking my older pick up truck, I'm realizing how convenient that giant seven-seater of an SUV really was. On my commute today, here are the top features and perks I'm missing:

Onboard wifi. This car has its own hot spot, which is great for working on the go and cutting down on my mobile data usage.

Temperature controlled seats AND a heated steering wheel. My fingers have never been happier. The front seats are heated and cooled, snd the captain's chairs in the back are heated too. Luxury all around.

Remote start. My car preheats and defrosts itself! It also has a push button start, so I don't have a key dangling at my knee while I drive.

Remote-controlled tailgate access. No more grocery store struggles.

Two on-board DVD players. So many happy passengers!

Recharge all the devices! There's a built in wireless charging pad along with all sorts of outlets hidden cleverly all about. There are six USB ports and six outlets with a total of 12 charging locations. As someone who works in social media, I get anxious when my iPhone battery or laptop dies. Never again in this beauty.

An amazing array of safety features. There's blind spot alerts in the mirrors, a back up camera and a vibrating seat that alerts you when you get too close to another object. It also has adaptive cruise control that automatically brakes when a crash is imminent.

I'm sure I'll adjust back to a life without cooled seats, but it will be a struggle. Thanks to Chevy for showing me a taste of the good life!


Unknown said...

Now its back to peasant life where you must look out your own rearview mirror. Totally lame.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Actually turning my head to check my blindspots is so utterly pedestrian.