Kelly the Culinarian: My Mom Said I Needed to Update My Blog ...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Mom Said I Needed to Update My Blog ...

Because she needs something to read. So here's a little catch up of what I've been up to lately.
As you may have surmised from my Instagram feed, I was in the great state of Texas last weekend. My grandmother passed away and I traveled to be with my mom. I don't share much about my personal life so we'll leave it at that and instead look at how I spent my time with my mom. I feel like grief settles in your soul if you let it. We tried to get out of the house every day and get our steps in or garden or eat something special.

I took a special interest in cleaning the pool with my friend poomba, the pool roomba.

I had a wonderful wine tasting on a lovely hilltop of Texas Hill Country at Pilot Knob Vineyard. What It was a wonderful day and a great distraction. The weather was perfect and they sell kites for kids to fly in the empty field behind the tasting room. It was postcard perfect.

I finally got my nails done in a manner befitting my engagement ring. I got my toes done too, because I'm a runner and it's sandal season and I clearly need it.

We went on walks and to the gym and enjoyed lovely sunsets:

And learned about the geography of the United States:

So there you have it, where I've been for the past few days. I also trained daily, started wedding planning and worked on planning my next trip to Austin, so stay tuned.


Maggie W said...

sorry to hear about your grandma :(

erin said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma, Kelly. Love + light to you and your family <3