Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. The main reason I blogged about my bone marrow donation was to share what people don't talk about: it's not scary, it's not debilitating and it's not painful. I'm ecstatic about how this has evolved. My worked hosted a bone marrow donor drive and gave me the opportunity to talk about my experience. So far, 21 people and signed up to donate through this effort. It makes my heart happy.

2. I had an awesome dinner last night at Carlucci's first Hashtag Party. They gave away a trip to Mexico to a random social user who used #Carlucci online. While I didn't win (sad face, someone has a honeymoon to plan!), I did fill up on some fantastic food. The roasted vegetables were awesome, but the rigatoni bolognese stole the show.

3. It's hard to believe with as cold and rainy as it is in Chicago right now, but spring is almost here. Most experts say that you should wait to plant your garden around Mother's Day, which is almost here. I've ordered plants and Cabot sent me a few more to consider for my square foot garden. I can't wait for all the summer salads!

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Unknown said...

Be the Match was doing a bone marrow donor drive at the Carmel Marathon. I'm already signed up so I convinced Jason to sign up, too. I used your story about it not being painful and running a marathon only a few weeks later to help my case :-)