Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Training Tuesday

This weekend, I worked out nine hours. I feel zero bad about the Taco Bell, fried cheese curds and froyo I savored after biking the Ironman Wisconsin course three times and doing a transition run.

Good job, legs!

We drove up to Verona and biked two loops (84 miles) in right around six hours. It was not fun for me. On the very first loop, I was dropped almost immediately. I was perplexed why it was so hard for me to pedal. In the first hour, I only went 12 miles and I even stopped early on to see if I had a flat. It was only after I scaled Mt. Horeb and stopped for water that I found the culprit: my brakes we closed. I biked 19 miles with my brakes on. I was so annoyed, but also relieved that I didn't somehow lose athleticism overnight.

A note on where I stopped: Big cheers to the Mt Horeb Methodist congregation on putting out free, ice cold water for cyclists. It's a perfect midway point when you start in Verona, and just a very nice Christian thing to do. Also, their social media game is on point. I commented on their Facebook page and got a reply 1 minute later.

After shredding my legs on loop one, the second loop felt so much easier. I was in no mood for a transition run, though, and saved that for Sunday. After just one loop (42ish miles), 15 minutes of my feet still felt not great, but better than it would have the day before.

Last night, we did a fun open water swim practice at Centennial Beach in preparation for Esprit de She this weekend. The water is warm, but I still wore my wetsuit for practice. It's damn tight but it works.

I also took myself on a morning run today. It was tough. I'm cutting back on foodz to try and drop some weight before I buy a wedding dress, so I feel like I'm running on empty. At mile three, I was tired. At mile 6, I had to walk. At mile 7, I was overjoyed I was home. That said, I do miss running in the morning because it was so nice and cool and fresh outside. More, please.

Up later this week: two sessions of CrossFit, two turbo trainer sessions, a swim and Esprit de She!

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Amanda said...

Nice job Kelly! Do you know if we are able to wear our wetsuits on Sunday at the triathlon?