Kelly the Culinarian: A Dinner at Trattoria Gianni

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Dinner at Trattoria Gianni

Oh what a night! We've been ridiculously busy, but it's nice to get out of the house in some nice clothes to have conversation with other adults. We were recently invited to enjoy the dinner menu at Trattoria Gianni, a restaurant with a nearly 30-year history located right across the street from the Steppenwolf Theater. It's a traditional Italian eatery featuring homemade pastas and a menu of recipes made the Old World way. It's cute inside, with exposed brick and a very regal feel.
In addition to wine and homemade bread, we started with appetizers.

Aricini Siciliani

Polenta ai Funghi di Bosco 
The Aricini Sicilianim might be my favorite of the evening. It was saffron risotto balls fried and rolled in homemade sauce. It was crunchy and creamy and totally droolworthy.

Onto the salad course!

The burrata cheese on top the bruschetta was amazing. It had little chunks of garlic in the cheese and was topped with a savory pesto sauce. I had to pace myself because the pasta course was upon us and that's what we were all here for.


Our waiter told us their take on gnocci, in the bottom left photo, is most often referred to as "little pillows of heaven," by their regular customers.

By the time we got to the entree course, I was losing steam. But believe me, I will do anything for my readers. So when these plates came around, I rallied for the team.

The salmon was so good our table ordered a second. It was perfectly done and the capers really finished off the dish beautifully.

By the time I got to dessert, I was eating gingerly. I was full full full, but I have another stomach for sweets so we were all good.

I diligently tried a bit of each, and I must say that the tiramisu was so amazing. Worth every damn calorie, easily.

Huge thank you to Blast! Marketing for the invite, and Trattoria Gianni for the hospitality.

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