Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Welcome to the Off Season

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Training Tuesday: Welcome to the Off Season

Post Ironman, I kept working out to look fly for the wedding. Then I sat on a beach at had pina coladas and jerk chicken every day, and it's hard to push myself to give a damn right now.
But the next season of races is right around the corner, always.

So train I will, workout I must. This off season, we're focusing on cutting weight and building strength. Not necessarily muscles, because that's not what you need for endurance sports, but instead, building functional agility and strength for triathlon. The goal here is to get leaner and faster for the 2017 season. I'm already signed up for Ironman Wisconsin, and will do my annual Circular Logic Marathon. I know for both events, I can do much better than last year. We also recently acquired a rowing machine and I'm over the moon about the training potential of being able to row a couple thousand yards whenever time allows. I plan to be a menace in the water next year with this help. So here's what I'm doing until I kick off marathon training:
  • One long run a week
  • One hour-long trainer bike ride a week
  • Three sessions of body-weight training a week (with rowing as a warm up)
  • One 5,000-meter row a week for time
Here's to sore muscles and gains, bro.


Amanda said...

Do you have any good plans for strength training or core strength that you would be able to share with me?? That's my struggle right now. And I'd love to do a half ironman next year so want to work on my core.

KellytheCulinarian said...

I'm doing this at home:
I'm kind of meh about this - I think I need a little bit more to feel the burn.

When I start training for my spring marathon, I'm going to transition to this:

Amanda said...


Unknown said...

Amanda - send me an email or message me on FB! I'm actually doing a presentation on strength training next week and I can send you some workouts to try.