Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Three Things Thursday

1. I am officially LOVING driving an electric car. Here's my little guy charging this morning. It's really fun to know I've driven more than 1,600 miles and spent $1.11 on gas. The frugal part of my soul is very happy.

2. Marathon training is such a humbling experience. The pace I ran my PR marathon at is currently the pace I do my speedwork at. I'm slower, but I've had other competing priorities, and I did finish three Ironmans since then.

3. When it comes to froyo, Costco's price per ounce is hard to beat. This whole cup is like $1.35. But the lack of toppings makes me really sad. I got myself a cup after my long run last weekend (12 miles) and I ended up sharing it with the kids. I need reese pieces and peanut butter and waffle chips to bring the experience home. Now I'll know for this weekend's run.

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