Kelly the Culinarian: Food find: Cavatappi pesto at Corner Bakery

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food find: Cavatappi pesto at Corner Bakery

Yeah, I know, Corner Bakery isn't anything special or original. But after the letdown at Clyde's, Tim and I needed something familiar that wouldn't disappoint. We went to the one in the National Press Club building so that we could walk by the White House afterwards.
I tried out the cavatappi pesto that is topped with Parmesan-crusted chicken served with a side of garlic bread. Tim got a tortilla soup and turkey sandwich that came with potato chips.

The pasta wasn't really served with a pesto. It was more a bechamel sauce with some herbs throw in for color. The Web site calls it "a rich pesto cream sauce" but the picture on the site also makes it look like there's some more herbs going on there. The garlic bread was also more of a toast. The chicken was delicious; slightly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. It's not quite what I thought I was getting, but it was delicious nonetheless. Tim liked his lunch as well.

The restaurant has signed head shots of famous journalists, so at least the atmosphere is a little different than a standard deli chain. It was a good dining experience because the portions were normal, the service was good and the prices weren't astronomical.

It's nice to get what you expect every now and then.


daphne said...

sounds better than the last place! food looks yummy too!

tigerfish said...

Sometimes, getting no surprises is better than having a disappointing experience.

Big Boys Oven said...

True very true, a least you will not run down by atruck! lol

Marianne said...

Glad things are back on track!

FH said...

I have a real Pesto Pasta at Aroma!!:)
Yeah, looks lot better than the last place you went to.
Happy Halloween!:)