Kelly the Culinarian: February 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 First Look for Charity Chicago Auto Show Preview

Another year of my favorite event! The First Look for Charity preview of the Chicago Auto Show is an amazing event. Delicious food, plentiful drinks and unprecedented access to what's next in cars. Plus, the event raises millions of dollars annually for 18 local charities. The event is the only fundraiser for many of the organizations, and this year the combined total donation was $2.8 million.

This year merely getting there was an adventure. We had a snowstorm so epic Thursday night headed into Friday that schools were closed and we were told to avoid travel unless necessary. I would say the auto show is critical but that's just me. With no one else on the road, it only took a half an hour to get there.
The snow didn't seem to keep anybody at home, but it is fun that the event is small enough that we ran into friends pretty easily.

My favorite evolution is that this year, there were adoptable puppies on site. If I had met them after the event and several beverages, I'd probably be up a few dogs over when we started.

I'm like Snow White

The Goose Island stand was disappointing and the bartenders were predictably rude, but there were all sorts of delicious craft cocktails. Don Julio even had margaritas on tap. 

GI's beer and cheese pairing
My favorite bite of the night, by far, were these shrimp tacos from Mercadito. Don't judge on how many I ate.

But no evening at the Chicago Auto Show is complete without a trip to Andy's Custard. They run a tight ship - the line was long but moved fast enough that I definitely hit it up twice. No shame, no regrets.

Also, this booze-flavored cotton candy was super impressive.

A few more bites we enjoyed: stromboli, ceviche, empanadas, and trays of tacos, because tacos are amazing.

It was another wonderful year at my favorite charity gala. It's incredible to me that for so many of the charities, this event is the sole annual fundraiser. While fun and tasty, this single evening out fuels so much good right here in our backyard. 10/10, will do again!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Three Things Thursday

1. I am officially LOVING driving an electric car. Here's my little guy charging this morning. It's really fun to know I've driven more than 1,600 miles and spent $1.11 on gas. The frugal part of my soul is very happy.

2. Marathon training is such a humbling experience. The pace I ran my PR marathon at is currently the pace I do my speedwork at. I'm slower, but I've had other competing priorities, and I did finish three Ironmans since then.

3. When it comes to froyo, Costco's price per ounce is hard to beat. This whole cup is like $1.35. But the lack of toppings makes me really sad. I got myself a cup after my long run last weekend (12 miles) and I ended up sharing it with the kids. I need reese pieces and peanut butter and waffle chips to bring the experience home. Now I'll know for this weekend's run.