Kelly the Culinarian: Food find: The Fox and the Hound Schaumburg

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Food find: The Fox and the Hound Schaumburg

Tonight's a busy one in my business. The Iowa Caucus is a bit of a watershed for the 2008 election -- it doesn't really tell you who will get the presidential nod, but if you do horribly tonight, you probably won't be moving to the White House. I even had a dream last night I was at a caucus ... I may need a vacation.

But let me take you to a magical land that doesn't include politics. Last weekend, Tim and I and a few friends ventured out in freezing temperatures to watch the UFC Fight at The Fox and the Hound in Schaumburg. I'm not big on any of those violent shows, but it was something social. And it was kind of exciting as well.

This particular bar is a chain throughout the Midwest and Southwest. My particular location is an upscale kind of bar -- bar wood interior throughout and nice pool tables and darts. And now thanks to smoke-free Illinois, I'm thinking it's cleaner than your average bar too.

On this evening, we all opted for the drink special of Bud Lite pints, except for someone who went with an MGD bottle. We also opted for some snacks -- we got 30 buffalo wings, half mild and half medium, and spinach and artichoke dip. We also got nachos and this skillet cookie topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce that was superb, but I missed out on the picture of that.

Anyone, the difference between the mild and medium sauce was negligible -- I was hoping for more of a kick, but oh well. The spinach dip was tasty but all cheese and very little veggie. I like dips that are topped with cheese, not entirely made of cheese. The tortilla chips they were served with were quite tasty though -- a good crunch and balance to salt.

The food wasn't amazing, but I think better than your average bar food. Go with the skillet cookie though, it's amazingly sweet and a great combination of fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie and freezing ice cream. With the hot chocolate on top, you really can't go wrong.


kari and kijsa said... are, love, love your blog....we will check back often...the writing is over the top fabulous!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Nan said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my crock pot meal. I just went back to work after a couple years off and I am trying to come up with some easy dinner recipes. We normally eat out a lot but I have been a little busy learning my new job and not really wanting to do much but crash when I get home. That is except for the traveling we did over the holidays. I'm your "neighbor", living in Indiana.
Glad you stopped for a visit,

Kenny Mah said...

"With the hot chocolate on top, you really can't go wrong."

SO agree with that. I'd have anything with hot chocolate on top. Okay, maybe not everything, but still. Just saying.

Nice blog, by the way. I'm glad you dropped by mine so I have a chance of discovering yours. Happy New Year! :D

Larramie said...

Hot chocolate over "freezing" ice cream proves that opposites deliciously attract!

Love your visual and literary descriptions, Kelly.

Eileen said...

Giant cookie- hard to go wrong there.

Gloria Baker said...

I told you your blog is so nice, Have a wonderful New Year. Gloria