Kelly the Culinarian: Container gardening with Kelly: Coming along nicely

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Container gardening with Kelly: Coming along nicely

My gourmet container garden looks fabulous! My most successful crop so far has been this better bush hybrid, which is in a large plastic pot strategically placed in my yard to receive the maximum amount of light.

I have more than a dozen little tomatoes in various stages of development. One tomato that has been on the vine for more than a month looks like it may finally be ready for eating later this week. I'm surprised with the size of these for a plant designed for containers. The full-sized tomatoes will be great for all sorts of stuff, I'm psyched.

Next year, I may need to order two more of those bushes, along with many more herbs. Even one of my tomatoes that I've been growing from seed are putting out blooms! Here's hoping for sunshine and heat this week!


Cynthia said...

I have missed seeing you around.

Glad the garden is blossoming.

Katie Zeller said...

Oh, well done! That is going to be the best tomato you ever ate... If you can refrain from picking it too early!